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Steve Peres
Owner and Broker of Record

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Steve Peres

Steve DeVoe
Senior VP Sales*

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Steve DeVoe

Steve is a leading commercial real estate agent with over 20 years’ experience in selling and leasing commercial real estate throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Steve has worked with a wide range of business owners, from Fortune 500 companies to not-for-profits, and both individual and institutional commercial real estate landlords.

Steve has a great understanding of a broker’s role in the deal and how to get deals closed. He also believes that no commercial real estate deal can be rushed. Both parties need the time to make the best decision for their business and the broker should act as the consultant, not a used car “salesman”.

Steve has seen the best and worst of commercial real estate selling and leasing techniques, and in 2012 decided it was time to create a company that puts the needs of its clients first.

As the owner of MCR, Steve understands the decisions and challenges that businesses face when having to make a real estate decision, because he has faced the same ones himself.

Steve’s favorite question a client can ask:

 “What would you do, Steve? Would you buy or lease this building or space?”

I am a professional real estate leader and action taker with 30 years spent at the commercial real estate school of hard knocks. With a creative imagination, solid business acumen, and a passion for driving results, I specialize in translating vision and planning into performance and results.

I have completed over 1000 commercial transactions, from leases to design builds, and from investment sales to land development. They include transactions from single family rentals, to multiple asset retail portfolios, and small lease renewals to custom home developments.

Using my 30 years of real estate expertise, I have become a published author of informative books and articles. See Resources.

As an instinctive and intuitive leader, known for influencing and engaging others, I have built and led highly effective teams focused on driving results. I have a history of taking on complex assignments, many outside my technical expertise, which demand quick learning, purposeful implementation and motivating leadership.

I am skilled at recognizing opportunity, creative planning, implementing and driving results, and I possess excellent analytical and communication skills.

Tackling challenges with leadership and creativity; always with an eye towards the basic business fundamentals of unparalleled service, sales savvy, and business ethics: this is my personal formula for success.


- Investment sales and acquisitions
- Real estate investment & asset optimization
- Portfolio optimization
- Sourcing opportunities
- Development
- Project implementation
- Creative solutions
- Negotiations
- Conflict resolution
- Planning & implementation
- Consultation
- Driving results

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