Insights for Business Owners

Have You Found ‘The One’?

I’m talking about a commercial real estate broker, not a life partner, but the decision process can actually be quite similar. Commercial real estate is a major financial commitment and investment; having the right broker on your side from the get-go is essential.

So how do you know which broker will be the best for you? Much like dating, one of the best resources is friends and colleagues. Ask business owners you trust who they have dealt with—this will most likely yield some referrals and perhaps some names to stay away from.

Do You Hire the Agent or the Brand?

When it comes to the differences between commercial and residential real estate, the one that stands out the most to me is the difference in how prospective clients select representation. In residential real estate, most people select their representation based on the agent and whether that agent works for ReMax or Century 21 is barely …

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Beware of Agents Offering the Sun and Stars

When expectations are not met, one or both parties usually end up frustrated and unhappy. This is a lesson I’ve learned from over 25 years in commercial real estate and one that agents just starting out typically have to learn the hard way. As a client, you’re more likely to come out satisfied dealing with the real estate agent who gives it to you straight – even if you don’t like what you hear – rather than the agent who promises you the sun and stars.