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Maximize Your Profits With M 4.0

How can we charge less than other brokerages?

We run a leaner, technology-driven business and pass on the savings to our clients. The large brokerages are still operating with yesterday’s business model - complete with high overhead and bloated expenses – and need someone to pay for that, namely, their clients.

With M 4.0, you’ll receive more than just great service from knowledgeable, industry experts - you’ll receive value, which means more money in your pocket.

The M 4.0 is a full service plan that includes the following:

In-depth pre-listing pricing strategy consultation using the M Property Evaluator

  Full management of agreements of purchase and sale, waivers and due diligence

  Property listed on MLS/ICX, MCR website

  For maximum exposure the property is listed on international web sites like Co-Star and Loop Net

  Downloadable digital sell sheet

  Online HD photo gallery

  “FOR SALE” sign (6’ x 6’ or 8’ x 8’)

  Email campaign to  brokers and clients in the extensive MCR database

Click the icon to see what you can save with M 4.0!   

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M Sell

M 4.0 is a Promise...

A promise to our clients that they will never pay more than 4.0% commission on the sale of their commercial property.

What would you rather do?

A) Send your real estate agent on an expensive vacation
B) Send yourself on an expensive vacation

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You’re getting VALUE, not a discount

When it comes time to sell a commercial real estate property, there are numerous details that need to be taken into consideration and strategies that can be used.

Regardless of the type of property, M Commercial Realty takes care of all the details and provides exceptional, client-focused service. Our virtual brokerage has been engineered to sell your property at market price as quickly as possible, while keeping you updated and informed throughout the process. Most importantly, our process is specifically designed to save you money.

MLS Listing or an Exclusive Listing?

Here's the difference:

MLS Listing Fee

The industry standard for an MLS listing is 5% - with 2.5% going to the listing and buying agents, respectively. While that extra 1.0% may not seem like a huge difference, consider that on a commercial property sale of $1.5 million, saving 1.0 % means you keep an additional $15,000 where it belongs - in your pocket!

Exclusive Listing Fee

M Commercial does not believe in ‘double ending’ a deal. As our client, if you prefer an exclusive listing as opposed to an MLS listing, your total fee will be reduced to 2.0%.

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