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Are You a Business Owner?

Making the decision to purchase a commercial property for your business comes with many of the same issues as leasing as well as some entirely new ones. Similar to leasing, the property you choose is an extension of your company’s image to partners and customers, as well as the environment in which your corporate culture comes to life every day.

Choosing the ideal space can be one of the most important decisions you make for your business. The right space can determine the quality of employees you attract, how fast you can grow, and even the type of customers your business appeals to.

Don’t leave such a crucial decision up to chance - get the expert advice you need to find the property that will truly enhance your business and meet your financial goals.

At M Commercial Realty, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you find the commercial property that meets their current and future needs so they can grow their business successfully.

Ask the Right Questions

The following are examples of the many questions you should ask before tying your company to a new space:

  • What is the exit strategy?

  • What happens if business changes and the property is no longer the correct size?

  • Is the cash on cash return the same or better than if the cash was reinvested into the business?

  • What are ALL the upfront costs? - legal fees, inspections, appraisals and land transfer tax

  • Is the property leasable and at what rate?

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Steve Peres

Steve Peres
President, Broker of Record

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Steve DeVoe

Steve DeVoe
Senior Vice President*

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