How Many Real Estate Agents Does it Take to Sell a Space?


Traditional real estate brokerages would have you believe the answer is many, and on your initial consult will parade their large team of agents to sell you on ‘strength in numbers.’ However, at the end of the day, it’s the senior agent’s expertise and knowledge you’re buying into – that’s who you want representing your property in the marketplace. But is the senior agent actually the one selling your property?

In most cases, no. After the listing is secured, the senior agent has done their job and hands off the listing to junior members of the team. Most junior agents do not have the knowledge or experience to competently sell the benefits of your space to perspective tenants, acting simply as ‘tour guides,’ and highly expensive ones at that.

Real estate is a product, like any other, and in order to have your offering stand out against the plethora of other available options, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience. Think about a visit to an Apple store. Were you excited to be there? Did you feel like your experience there was different from other stores? Of course, and that’s by design. Apple focused on the customer shopping experience when modeling every aspect of the store. You are served very quickly. The employee is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable of the product offerings. You leave feeling happy about your purchase and that you made the right choice. Arguably, the senior agent on your listing can provide a similar experience for prospective tenants, however, it is rarely the senior agent who is actually there.


When deliberating which brokerage to list with, consider service versus size. Inquire as to who will actually be representing your property to the market – are they knowledgeable, enthusiastic, able to deliver an exceptional customer experience? At M Commercial Realty, we ensure your building or space is given the attention you are promised. The knowledgable, enthusiastic agent you hired shows up for every tour – no matter the size – and delivers the experience you signed up for.

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